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What makes us different?



Cadet Core programs are offered across the entire United States of America. Enjoy a robust program that is aligned to National Standards of teaching!


Any School

Cadet Core was designed from the ground up to work with any school system. Whether you are a public, charter, private, academy or religious school, you will find a home with us!


Any Size

Cadet Core was designed from the ground up to work with any school system. Whether you are a public, charter, private, academy or religious school, you will find a home with us!



Cadet Core was designed to allow the instructor to have maximum flexibility over the program. All schedules, events, and activities can be customized to fit your unique needs.


Direct Support

We offer year round email, video, and phone support from specialists who can help you get started and ensure your success!


During Or After School

Cadet Core can be offered as an elective during school or as a club after school, or both! How you structure your Cadet Core is completely up to the needs of the school and instructor.



At Cadet Core we believe that every student should have access to a high quality leadership program. So we structure our pricing to fit the needs of small, medium, and large schools.


Only 1 Instructor

Cadet Core was designed to be delivered through one instructor which saves money by not having a surplus of instructors in a paid position. However, volunteer instructors can always add value!


4 Years of Curriculum

Cadet Core can keep students engaged in active learning and leadership opportunities with a curriculum that spans at least 4 years. A 5th year of curriculum is currently in design.


Admin Support

Cadet Core contains pre-made student interest surveys, course descriptions, standards, promo material and everything else that the administration would need to get started. Included for free!


30 Day Launch

Cadet Core can be launched in 30 days or less after placing a purchase order for public schools or a secure order for private schools. Start whenever you want!


Private Sector

Cadet Core operates in the private sector, giving you more control over the management of your program and less hindering regulation or red tape.


No Waiting List

We do not believe in waiting lists so we will never put you on one! If you want to start a leadership program then you should be able to do so without waiting for years to have your application reviewed.


No Guessing

Other programs can leave you feeling lost and unable to really know who you should be talking with to start a program or even apply to one. Stop trying to guess who to contact.


No Exclusions 

Many state and federally funded programs completely exclude different types of schools based on various classifications. You will not find any red tape with the Cadet Core.


No Exhausted Budgets

Many state and federally funded programs have extremely high budgets in the $200,000 to $400,000 range. For some schools, this exceeds their entire budget, making it an impossibility.


No Workbooks

Many traditional leadership programs have outdated textbooks and workbooks that merely serve as "busy work" for students. At Cadet Core we want to keep students engaged in active learning.


No Delays

Many traditional leadership programs are overly regulated and too complicated for the school administration to process swiftly, thus taking years to launch. Launch Cadet Core in 30 days or less!


No Size Limitations

Many state and federally funded programs do not consider schools that are under a certain student count because they cannot justify the funding of positions at smaller schools.


No Applications

Many state and federally funded programs have so many applications that they cannot possible get around to reviewing them all. Cadet Core has no application. All schools are accepted!


No Being Ignored

Don't let your application collect dust on a desk somewhere with 100 other applications stacked on top of it. At Cadet Core we engage with your leadership immediately after making contact.

Cadet Core Quick Start Guide

Whether you are in the exploration phase or ready to launch a Cadet Core, we have you covered. Our quick start guide below includes 10 easy steps and resources that will help you make a decision with your team.

STEP 1: Download The Quick Start Guide

(Click on the PDF Icon below to download the quick start guide)

Quick Start Guide

STEP 2: Review Yearly Pricing


All tiers include full access to our Cadet Core curriculum database, training, services, support, and sustainment on a year round basis as long as the school account remains active. The higher the tier the better percentage of a uniform discount you receive. Tiers can be upgraded or downgraded each year as desired. There are no contracts. Please note: custom orders that fall outside of the above tiers are available on a case by case basis upon request. Additional individual uniforms and items can be purchased separately throughout the year by emailing us with a quote or invoice request.

Tier 1 is $5,130.45 and is recommended for schools with less than 500 total students. Tier 1 provides 10 Cadet Core Tactical Uniforms at a bulk discount rate of 5%, saving you $138.45 from the retail price if the uniforms were purchased separately.

Tier 2 is $9,976.03 and is recommended for schools with 501 to 1000 total students. Tier 2 provides 30 Cadet Core Tactical Uniforms at a bulk discount rate of 10%, saving you $830.67 from the retail price if the uniforms were purchased separately.

Tier 3 is $17,562.82 and is recommended for schools with 1001 to 1500 total students. Tier 3 provides 60 Cadet Core Tactical Uniforms at a bulk discount rate of 15%, saving you $2,658.14 from the retail price if the uniforms were purchased separately.

Tier 4 is $35,726.80 and is recommended for schools with over 1500 total students. Tier 4 provides 150 Cadet Core Tactical Uniforms at a bulk discount rate of 20%, saving you $8,306.70 from the retail price if the uniforms were purchased separately.

Please select from Tier 1, 2, 3, or 4 and email a quote/invoice request to

STEP 3: Involve Your Team

Include your leadership team and key decision makers (principals, directors, superintendents, etc.) in your decision to move forward and seek approval from them if needed. Express your intent to start the Cadet Core and decide whether or not you want to offer the program during school as a board approved elective, or as an after school club, or both. Some administrators such as the curriculum director and counselors will likely want to look at the program specifics so that they can link the information with their already established processes. Please refer them to the above links and PDF documents available for download. For example, the Cadet Core survey is a great form for students to fill out to gauge interest, the Cadet Core brochure is a great print out to give to students and parents and the Cadet Core introduction is great for group presentations.

STEP 4: Select Your Instructor

Decide whether you already have someone on staff who can teach the program or if you need to hire a new staff member. Most schools that offer the Cadet Core during school require that the teacher have some form of active certification in any subject. However, if you are offering the program as after school only you will likely have more flexibility in selecting an instructor, as club sponsors usually do not require a teaching certificate. If you are able to hire a teacher already on staff at your school, you may be able to save a considerable amount of money.


Please note: Cadet Core is usually marked as a board or district approved elective and coded to fit the subject matter based on your state's course offerings and available coding; for example: leadership development, practical living, military science, military skills, and so on. Please ensure that the course code matches the series of codes listed under the instructor's teaching certificate if necessary! If your school has curriculum director he/she should be able to help you with class codes. Please do not use federal JROTC course codes for Cadet Core classes!

Step 5: Get Approval (If Needed)

If necessary, propose the Cadet Core to your board or approving officials, including all costs associated with the program to include tier package cost as well as instructor cost if hiring someone new. Feel free to use any of the above links and downloadable PDF documents on our site in your presentation to your board or approving officials. If the board requires a business proposal, contract, itemized invoice, or any other type of document please let us know.

Step 6: Keep Us Informed

Once approved, notify us via email that you have been approved and include any additional information that is necessary such as instructor information if available. We will need the email address and phone number of the instructor so that we may provide online teacher training services once the order is placed.

Step 7: Place Your Order


Please select from Tier 1, 2, 3, or 4 above and email a quote/invoice request to

Please note: we will NOT process any orders for services, clothing, equipment, etc. until either payment is received in advance (required for private schools) or an approved and signed purchase order authorization is completed and emailed to us (purchase orders are for public schools only). Once an order is processed the instructor services and support may be shared within 24 hours, however the lead time for clothing and equipment fulfillment is around 3-6 weeks depending on the size of the order and our order volume. All invoices are expected to be paid in full within 30 days of confirmed delivery.

Step 8: Promote The Program


Schedule, promote, and conduct a student interest meeting (hopefully led by the incoming instructor with support from the administrative team) to generate student interest. The meeting should be upbeat, informative, and interesting in a way that promotes student interest in the Cadet Core. Use the above links and downloadable PDF documents as part of your presentation. These resources (brochure, introduction, course catalog, etc.) are supplementary and should be mixed in with the instructor's custom presentation/speech to deliver a unique experience that gives the students an overall idea of what to expect and whether they want to commit. This is important because it will reduce the number of students who drop from the program during the semester or school year and begin to foster the instructor’s rapport with the students.

Step 9: Enroll Students


Add the Cadet Core to the curriculum offering and begin enrollment as soon as possible. We do not have a minimum or a maximum student requirement; as long as you are happy with your program numbers, that is all that matters to us!

Step 10: Work Together Every Year

The school, instructor, and our office will continue to work together throughout the school year (and each year following an active program) to ensure a high quality successful Cadet Core at your school! Each year that the program renews an additional tier package order must be processed to continue instructor services and support as well as more clothing and equipment for student use. As your program grows throughout the years your school will acquire more uniforms, equipment, and resources. We recommend that you sell the uniforms to students who are interested in buying them so that you can minimize the cost of the program to your school and have the ability budget each year for new orders.


From people just like you!

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William L.

 "Success needs a vision… The Cadet Core program allows the educator to lead by example so the students can see the path to succeed." 

Morley W..jpg


Morley W.

"Students are learning valuable skills as well as developing habits and attributes that are going to help them in their future careers whether in the military or others they choose.  Being in Cadet Core has given several of the students at our school motivation and vision which has helped them greatly to apply themselves in their other subject areas as well."

Charles L..jpg


Charles L.

"The training videos, curriculum, and uniforms provided by Cadet Core helped get the program going quickly.  The program is very adaptable to our student's readiness and the company responds promptly to our needs."

Ron L..jpg


Ron L.

"Cadet Core has been a very inspirational program for our students. It provides an opportunity for students to grow personally, and also provides a way for them to belong to something bigger than themselves. I have seen the personal growth of students in areas such as respect and responsibility."

Timothy H..jpg


Timothy H.

"Cadet Core has filled a desire by many of our students to experience a military style program and curriculum (as an elective option) during the school day.  The program has quickly developed into a staple of our course offerings with a focus on aspects of individual integrity, discipline, teamwork and leadership.  Participating students proudly wear their uniforms every Friday throughout the school year! "

Jim S..jpg

SRO & Teacher

Jim S.

"You've got kids at every school that really don't have something they can attach themselves to... those kids are looking for something and a lot of them have found it in the Cadet Core!"

Dora S..jpg


Dora S.

"We started out slow but as students saw my Cadet Core Students in their uniform, some more students got interested. We didn’t have enough uniforms and some were too small. But we made do with what we have. We plan on having this as a class next year."

Alan E..jpg


Alan E.

"Take yourself out of your comfort zone and try this program and see the benefits of it! It is a dynamic program that delivers dynamic results!

Rob B..jpg


Rob B.

"The Cadet Core led the way in honoring our veterans with an awesome Veterans Day Celebration. Big things are happening in the Cadet Core and I am excited about the future."

Ray G..jpg


Ray G.

"Overall what I really like as an administrator is seeing kids opening doors for teachers and saying yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, no ma'am. It's just a lot... a LOT of pride!"