Cadet Core Guide (Updated 25JUL2021)

Thank you for considering a Cadet Core MSPLP (Military Styled Private Leadership Program)! We offer private military styled leadership programs to any school. Please bookmark and save this page as it contains all the information you will need to start a program, including download links to free resources! This page can be directly accessed from 

STEP 1: Download Free Resources!

Left click on any of the PDF Icons below to download the indicated PDF file:

Download The Cadet Core Guide Below

JROTC vs. NDCC vs. Cadet Core MSPLP

Download The Cadet Core Student Interest Survey Below

Download The Cadet Core Brochure Below

Download The Cadet Core Course Catalog Below

Download The Cadet Core Teaching Standards Below

Download The Cadet Core Introduction Below

STEP 2: Review Yearly Pricing


All tiers include full access to our Cadet Core curriculum database, training, services, support, and sustainment on a year round basis as long as the school account remains active. The higher the tier the better percentage of a uniform discount you receive. Tiers can be upgraded or downgraded each year as desired. There are no contracts. Please note: custom orders that fall outside of the above tiers are available on a case by case basis upon request. Additional individual uniforms and items can be purchased separately throughout the year by emailing us with a quote or invoice request.

Tier 1 is $5,130.45 and is recommended for schools with less than 500 total students. Tier 1 provides 10 Cadet Core Tactical Uniforms at a bulk discount rate of 5%, saving you $138.45 from the retail price if the uniforms were purchased separately.

Download The Tier 1 Quote / Invoice Below

Tier 2 is $9,976.03 and is recommended for schools with 501 to 1000 total students. Tier 2 provides 30 Cadet Core Tactical Uniforms at a bulk discount rate of 10%, saving you $830.67 from the retail price if the uniforms were purchased separately.

Download The Tier 2 Quote / Invoice Below

Tier 3 is $17,562.82 and is recommended for schools with 1001 to 1500 total students. Tier 3 provides 64 Cadet Core Tactical Uniforms at a bulk discount rate of 15%, saving you $2,658.14 from the retail price if the uniforms were purchased separately.

Download The Tier 3 Quote / Invoice Below

Tier 4 is $35,726.80 and is recommended for schools with over 1500 total students. Tier 4 provides 150 Cadet Core Tactical Uniforms at a bulk discount rate of 20%, saving you $8,306.70 from the retail price if the uniforms were purchased separately.

Download The Tier 4 Quote / Invoice Below

STEP 3: Involve Your Team

Include your leadership team and key decision makers (principals, directors, superintendents, etc.) in your decision to move forward and seek approval from them if needed. Express your intent to start the Cadet Core and decide whether or not you want to offer the program during school as a board approved elective, or as an after school club, or both. Some administrators such as the curriculum director and counselors will likely want to look at the program specifics so that they can link the information with their already established processes. Please refer them to the above links and PDF documents available for download. For example, the Cadet Core survey is a great form for students to fill out to gauge interest, the Cadet Core brochure is a great print out to give to students and parents and the Cadet Core introduction is great for group presentations.

STEP 4: Select Your Instructor

Decide whether you already have someone on staff who can teach the program or if you need to hire a new staff member. Most schools that offer the Cadet Core during school require that the teacher have some form of active certification in any subject. However, if you are offering the program as after school only you will likely have more flexibility in selecting an instructor, as club sponsors usually do not require a teaching certificate. If you are able to hire a teacher already on staff at your school, you may be able to save a considerable amount of money.


Please note: Cadet Core is usually marked as a board or district approved elective and coded to fit the subject matter based on your state's course offerings and available coding; for example: leadership development, practical living, military science, military skills, and so on. Please ensure that the course code matches the series of codes listed under the instructor's teaching certificate if necessary! If your school has curriculum director he/she should be able to help you with class codes. Please do not use federal JROTC course codes for Cadet Core classes!

Step 5: Get Approval (If Needed)


If necessary, propose the Cadet Core to your board or approving officials, including all costs associated with the program to include tier package cost as well as instructor cost if hiring someone new. Feel free to use any of the above links and downloadable PDF documents on our site in your presentation to your board or approving officials. If the board requires a business proposal, contract, itemized invoice, or any other type of document please let us know.

Step 6: Keep US Informed


Once approved, notify us via email that you have been approved and include any additional information that is necessary such as instructor information if available. We will need the email address and phone number of the instructor so that we may provide online teacher training services once the order is placed.

Step 7: Place Your Order

Download the desired tier quote/invoice PDF file listed above or send us an email request for custom orders if necessary. If you are a public school using a purchase order please email a signed copy of the purchase order so that it can be processed faster. Should you need to include our company information on any order, our company name is Cadet Core LLC and our address is as follows:


Cadet Core LLC

330 Eastern Bypass STE 1 PMB 239, Richmond, KY 40475.

Our main office number is 502-830-3009. Please send all check payments to the above address as well.

Please note: Cadet Core LLC will NOT process any orders for services, clothing, equipment, etc. until either payment is received in advance (required for private schools) or an approved and signed purchase order authorization is completed and emailed to us (purchase orders are for public schools only). Once an order is processed the instructor services and support may be shared within 24 hours, however the lead time for clothing and equipment fulfillment is around 3-6 weeks depending on the size of the order and our order volume. All invoices are expected to be paid in full within 30 days of confirmed delivery.

Step 8: Promote The Program


Schedule, promote, and conduct a student interest meeting (hopefully led by the incoming instructor with support from the administrative team) to generate student interest. The meeting should be upbeat, informative, and interesting in a way that promotes student interest in the Cadet Core. Use the above links and downloadable PDF documents as part of your presentation. These resources (brochure, introduction, course catalog, etc.) are supplementary and should be mixed in with the instructor's custom presentation/speech to deliver a unique experience that gives the students an overall idea of what to expect and whether they want to commit. This is important because it will reduce the number of students who drop from the program during the semester or school year and begin to foster the instructor’s rapport with the students.

Step 9: Enroll Students


Add the Cadet Core to the curriculum offering and begin enrollment as soon as possible. We do not have a minimum or a maximum student requirement; as long as you are happy with your program numbers, that is all that matters to us!

Step 10: Work Together Every Year

The school, instructor, and our office will continue to work together throughout the school year (and each year following an active program) to ensure a high quality successful Cadet Core at your school! Each year that the program renews an additional tier package order must be processed to continue instructor services and support as well as more clothing and equipment for student use. As your program grows throughout the years your school will acquire more uniforms, equipment, and resources. We recommend that you sell the uniforms to students who are interested in buying them so that you can minimize the cost of the program to your school and have the ability budget each year for new orders.